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Laurent Gleizes

Senior full stack software maker

architect - engineer - developer

working remotely since 1998


Personal creations

Real-time management software and applications for french musicians and actors.

Main stack : Delphi, Objective-C, PHP, MySQL, SQLite.

Pôle Spectacle More

The network of entertainment professionals. Positions, skills, contracts, structures, hearings, calendars, directories, materials, etc.

Main stack : PHP, MySQL.

Take advantage of a responsive professional network, a real tool for communication and mutual aid.

Main stack : Angular, Ionic, NodeJS, MySQL.

Design of a guitar learning method based on the software. Worldwide distribution, in 3 languages. Design.

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Self-taught since the age of 11, passionate about programming and bulimic for knowledge, I have always felt the need to create, to go further. On the web since 1996, I have lived through each digital revolution like a child constantly receiving a new toy.

Native developer yesterday, full-stack developer today, I design hybrid desktop and mobile solutions based on innovative technologies.

Say it all started with an Amstrad! 😃

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